Dental implants are a new lease on life for those who have lost their natural permanent teeth prematurely

Dental implants are a new lease on life for those who have lost their natural permanent teeth prematurely. It has been around for over 30 years now and proved a huge success, though the process of getting them is pretty harrowing which sends many people asking, are dental implants painful. To answer this question, we would have to visit the 2 main visitations of getting dental implants.

Are dental implants painful during the actual insertion?The insertion of the implant would occur on the second visit. During the first, the dentist will walk you through the process and answer any of your questions. The next step is to make certain that your mouth is in a healthy condition, pertaining especially to the status of the gum and bone material. The second visit would have to be scheduled so that the dentist is prepared, with an anaesthesiologist if need be, to insert the implant screw into the socket where the tooth’s root lies. With the anaesthesia, there will be no pain felt by the patient. The problems lies when it wears off. It will take some time to get over this foreign entity in your mouth, but first there will be a bit of pain coming through from where the dentist has attached the implant. This can be reduced with pain tablets.


Are dental implants painful at the next step of the process?Once you have gotten through the initial stage of adjusting to your new implant, the rest is easy. The wait to get the crown fitted is what pains most people, but the screw would need time to adjust properly before having the crown attached. To ensure that you do not have to wait any longer than you have to, make sure your implant dentist has access to the same day crown facility which will allow them to design and fit the crown immediately after they decide that the implant is firmly in place.

Finally we look at the notion of, are dental implants painful in the long run. Once they have been placed, there should be no pain. Dental implants will last a lifetime with proper care. If this is not adhered to, then you would risk bacteria and infections which could lead to potential pain. But again, this would not stem from the implant but rather bad oral habits.

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