Addiction Rehab Toronto: The Threats of Morphine Abuse

Addiction rehab Toronto services center on the most important treatment for commonly used and abused narcotics. Morphine is a legal drug and painkiller which is also the most abused and addictive among today’s prescription drugs. Morphine functions as a pain relief medication usually after major surgical procedures or for patients that are suffering from breakthrough pain such as labor pain, heart pain, and pain due to the advanced stage of cancer.

Addiction Rehab Toronto for Morphine Addicts

Morphine provides that dream-like state or a sense of euphoria which makes this pain reliever an addictive substance, to begin with. Addiction rehab Toronto centers have specialized treatment programs that focus on individuals with morphine addiction. The increasing number of individuals that are hooked on opiates such as morphine reaches an alarming rate, resulting in more aggressive efforts to address this pandemic.

Morphine Addiction and Tolerance

Morphine is also known as Miss Emma, M, monkey, roxanol, and white stuff. The reason why morphine addiction is prevalent is because of the fact that developing tolerance to this narcotic is quite fast. The pleasurable effects of morphine add to the contributing factors that make the drug run a higher chance of abuse. There are also Canadian sources that confirm the easy accessibility of morphine, making it readily available to different individuals regardless of age group and socioeconomic status.

Signs of Morphine Addiction and Abuse

Addiction rehab Toronto for morphine abuse patients is necessary in order to avoid the fatal and permanent effects of overdosing from this narcotic. One of the sad and alarming truths about morphine use and abuse is that the drug is basically prescribed to patients that need its pain-relieving effects. Moreover, it is quite difficult to detect if you are becoming addicted to morphine and when is the best time to get professional treatment.


Know the different signs and symptoms of morphine abuse and addiction to help you take precautionary measures or find help as soon as possible:

  • The person experiences vomiting and nausea with excessive morphine use.
  • The person undergoes dramatic weight loss that could even result in malnourishment.
  • The person encounters memory problems and difficulty in concentration.
  • The person suffers from breathing difficulties and other respiratory problems.
  • The person becomes constipated.
  • The person becomes overly anxious and irritable most of the time.
  • The person experiences euphoria as well as a hallucination.
  • The person becomes depressed especially when he starts to experience coming down from the “high” of the drug.
  • The person becomes extremely fatigued and weak.
  • The person experiences muscle twitches and skin problems such as small rash patches.
  • The person suffers from drowsiness or a reduced consciousness level.

Morphine dependency makes it more excruciating when the patient suffers from the withdrawal symptoms such as chills and fever, watery eyes, runny nose, intense muscle aches, mood instability, irregular heartbeat, intense stomach pain, and restlessness. Addiction rehab Toronto treatment is a must when the symptoms are becoming too extreme and severe.

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