3 Tips to Help You Stay on Track With Your Fitness Goals

It doesn’t matter if you are looking to lose weights, looking to tone up, or looking to grow your muscles exponentially, there is one common challenge faced when it comes to achieving fitness goals. It’s called Motivation, and it’s what prevents most of us from getting what we set out to get.

Fitness is the industry that suffers the most from a motivation challenge. As much as people know that it’s working, there are so many distractions and temptations to pry them away from a strict fitness routine.

Of course, there are just those of us who really don’t want to be exercising but know that we have to!

If you identify with the latter, then this article is for you! Below is a top list of great tips to help you stay motivated on your path to your fitness goals.


Tell Everybody!

Do you know what happens when you don’t tell anybody about your goal and then you don’t do anything to achieve it? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. However, if you tell people what you are doing then they will make a note to ask about your progress during your interactions. This is a great way to speak positively about the work that you are doing along with voicing any challenges. Just knowing that people around you know that you are looking to achieve and are watching you is enough to make you get up and do it.

Buy the Dress

That dress from the Groupon Coupons page for Lord and Taylor that is two sizes too small…buy it! That pair of jeans that are half price in the store close to your work but are just too tight…buy them! These are going to be great motivational pieces.

While it’s an old idea, most people don’t follow through and just stick the items in their closet where they are never to be seen again. Instead, hang up your dress on the back of your bedroom door and fold your jeans up and place them in a work drawer. These are great ways to keep your goals visualized and always in your mind. Each time that you see an item, ask yourself what you have done that day to get you towards to fitness goal.

Use a Fitness App

If you aren’t using a trainer who can keep the details for you, a fitness app is a great idea to install on your mobile device. Simply put in your goals, your activity, and how much you have eaten and it will show you a visualization of your pores. These apps can also be used to identify any struggle areas of your routine along with providing advice on how to strengthen certain areas.

As you can see from just these three tips, there is a lot that you can do to stay motivated and focused on your fitness goals. However, it really comes down to you and your willpower. In addition to considering the goal that you will achieve as a reward, also think that the act of getting there is also an achievement of its own.

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