Health Checkups: Invariable Need For The Society

The health checkups on a regular basis have become very important for the society. It is the need of the hour to stay fit and fine. A lot number of diseases have come up due to lifestyle impairments. This leads to the more number of people being unwell and ill. This creates a nationwide emergency to cure them and provide basis for living a healthy lifestyle. This is the reason why doctors and physicians insist people to take health checks. Therefore, everyone should take regular health checkups time to time to ensure healthy lifestyle. This is very essential particularly, in the case of elderly persons. So how often should we consider having a health check and why should we have one? Generally before the age of 18 it is recommended a child should be screened on a yearly basis. After the age of 18, a visit every other or every third year is often sufficient

Many metropolitan cities have begun health checkups. Like Bangalore has started a master health checkup in Bangalore with the aim to alleviate the sufferings of people by providing them a basis for living a healthy lifestyle. Like, many hospitals in Bangalore provide exclusive health checkup packages. Executive package at Rs 4k, Comprehensive package at Rs 7k, Gold package at Rs 13k, Platinum package at Rs 22k and preventive package at Rs 1700. These are some of the attractive master health checkup packages in Bangalore.

These checkups include minimal costs and tests like Haemogram test, Biochemical tests like checking sugar balances in body, Lipid profile check, liver function tests and other general tests like urine analysis. These are the best master health checkup packages in Bangalore. However, for women over 18, an annual gynecological examination is advisable once the individual is sexually active, or over 21, whichever comes first. As we age, and with the onset of more age related medical issues, more frequent visits for a checkup are advisable. Women over the age of 40 should commence mammograms. From the age of 50 a bi-annual master health checkup is advisable. For men an annual rectal examination to assess prostate and colorectal cancer is a sensible precaution. Over the age of 65 a yearly examination and health check should be undergone.

The master health checkup cost in Bangalore is very nominal. It is advisable for the people to let them be aware about their own health. These health checkups are conducted every few months in a year. The residents can come and get it done. Consulting the physician before getting these health checkups done is generally considered useful as it helps in the thorough examination. It is advisable get these health checkups done regularly in order to prevent any complications. Also people are given health talks regarding how to maintain their health and keep themselves healthy. This helps in promoting healthy lifestyle basis. Both the sexes either male or female, these regular health checkups are essential for all and for all age groups.

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